Friday, June 24, 2005

I as an artist, have been a BWAC member and exhibitor for 2 years now. Recently BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) opened their 25th Anniversary show, whilst I was in London and the Continent on business. I had a single entry, which was titled: "Flow Howard." Relating to a movie about the late Howard Hughes.

I would like to add that every year the shows get better and better. The overwhelming majority of the artists in the membership are of top quality and their works reek of the release of their intrinsic artistic spirit.

I couldn't capture all images of the entries, but I selected a few that caught my artistic minds eye.
Herein then are those captured on my digital camera.

Dr. David Deak, artist/double Ph.D. theoretical physicist/inventor/entrepreneur

Dr. David Deak

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sun setting over Red Hook Bay.

George, with his Colt 45, and a Behemoth Moth. Both on a buzz.

Ray's brother, The Duke of Earl! Viva la Hood!

Hey dog! It's Ray....the boyz in da hood!

He actually is smiling, I think he wants to borrow it.

My son David, jr. actually washing my car.

Less is more!

Vivid and valid photos.

It reminded me of my recent European trip.

Oh! What a great piece, what texture abound.

In a sense, it is justified by it's bold colours and synergy.

A lot of planning, a lot of work, a lot of success.

David G's great collage creations. Brilliant D.

Nothing but Kool, This work is most pleasing to my mind's eye.

Eagan's works, spikey, special, spiffy!

A closer look at Anna's works. Medieval and Marvelous.

Oh! The dear heart, my favourite BWAC angel, Anna by her work.

John Strohbeen's 3 part piece, great.

A quantum space-time map to me.

An opening, a vagina, a something that would intrigue the late Georgia O'Keeffe

This artist must be telling us of hisor her crowded living conditions. WHen is the mother-in-law leaving???????

There is something in these that disturbs me in a good way.

Intriguing little works.

Looking out of the window of the gallery.

I just love this one!

This made quite an impression on me, most original.

A nice 3D geo form.

In the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Some of the Silent Auction donations.


Well I like it.

So much work involved. Super.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

As a physicist, how could I not enjoy and admire this mobile?

As a Tango dancer, how could I not appreciate this fine work.

Clever and energetic work.

This work is actually a 3D layered cutout piece.

Just great work.

Facinating work. I neglected to get all names, but will correct this in future.

The other side. The artist Ms. Stewart.

Fantastic and original work.

Me and my piece.

Volunteers serving some of the great snacks always at hand during the exhibitions. It's Betsy, a real smashing beauty she.

John Strohbeen, the force behind BWAC. The most dedicated man I've had the honour of meeting. A REAL STAR. Looking on is his trusty art dog and my pal, "Slim."